Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saber sure looks happy in the Last Episode

It has been awhile since I last had a reason to play Fate/stay night. Why? Because I've gone through all the VN has to offer in its original form.

So, that's why the release of the Realta Nua patch interests me greatly.

Just look at the latest patch as an example. It takes the Last Episode from the PS2 port of Fate/stay night and incorporates it into the (English translated) PC version.

I've heard about this rumoured 'Good End' for Saber that occurs after the events of the Fate route, but this is the first time of seeing it for myself, and I think it was nicely done too.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Animated is gone, but damn sure not forgotten!

The last episode of Transformers Animated season 3 has aired, and I can't believe they're just going to end it like this. We need to have a season 4, or even a movie to tie up all those loose ends dammit!

I would love to see Animated continue as it has been a series full of surprises.

There were homages to previous Transformers series. Likeable characters for the most part; and yes, that would include some (but not all) of the human characters in it. And of course some pretty decent toys that managed to look like their animation models.

It's hard to imagine that this is the very same series which caused such a major shitstorm when the fandom first saw what Optimus Prime looked like a few years ago.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Haruhi has returned to our screens once again

The much wanted second series of the Haruhi Suzumiya anime started in the most amazing way when they aired Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody as the 'new' eighth episode in the rebroadcasting of the first series.

It begun so stealthily that I'm still taking it in that they actually aired the episode without announcing it to the whole world first!

Nevertheless, I'm pleased to see the show is continuing after three years has passed (how ironic), but I don't feel overly ecstatic about its return just yet cos it hasn't been long enough since the Churuya-san and Haruhi-chan ONAs ended for me to miss seeing the characters.

I was after a Mode-B repaint, and CM's give me a Mode-C instead?!

Well, I was right in believing that CM's would do a repaint of the Brave Gokin Linebarrel.

But where in the hell did they get the idea for this Mode-C repaint from?

I don't even remember Linebarrel having a Mode-C. I know it changed colour after Hayase went berserk when Emi died, but does that officially count as a mode?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Do I really need to buy another game just to get a figma?

I knew it'd happen sooner or later, but I didn't think the first Queen's Blade figma I'd see would be an exclusive that's packaged with a PSP game.

I shouldn't be so surprised that they're doing this with Cute because it's similar to what they've done before with Chouyuusha Haruhi and Saber Lily.

UPDATE 16/06/2009 - New pictures of Cute have been added to that website and they can be found here.

This is the Decade to end all Decades!

I was already planning on buying the S.H.Figuarts versions of Kamen Rider Decade and Kamen Rider DiEnd as they were the best looking figures of these characters in my opinion.

Did you notice that I said were just then? Well, here's the reason as to why I now think that.

I just saw this totally awesome looking Project BM! Kamen Rider Decade listed on Ami Ami.

Yeah, I know its release date is a long way off with it being in December and all, but so fucking what? It'll probably be the best release Decade is ever going to get as a figure, and that's all I care about!

Now if they did one for DiEnd as well, I'd be extremely chuffed about that.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here's another figma to add to the list

I wish Max Factory would slow down on their figma releases already!

But that's just me being selfish after seeing this Golgo 13 figma available for pre-ordering.

This character isn't even one I'm all that knowledgeable about either. I just want it because it looks cool.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DiEnd deserved a better toy than this!

I got a nice surprise from the postman this morning, my DX DiEndriver from

If you've seen Kamen Rider Decade, you'll know this is the Henshin Soutenjuu DiEndriver used by Daiki Kaitou to transform into Kamen Rider DiEnd (and summoning other Kamen Riders as attack drones).

The toy version of this gun is pretty much the same size as its on-screen counterpart, and that sadly is the only good thing about it.
  • It doesn't read the cards you slot into it like the DX Decadriver.
  • It doesn't say DiEnd while doing the transformation sounds.
  • It doesn't say the names of summoned Riders.
  • It doesn't say AttackRide (or FormRide for that matter).
  • It doesn't even say Final AttackRide or Final FormRide.
Now it should be said that I don't actually hate the toy for these faults, but I do hate Bandai for pulling this lazy ass shit with the DiEndriver's main gimmick!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patches of the Nikuman and Strawberry variety

My ever watchful eye had missed the release of not one, but two new patches for Kanon (and I seem to have a habit for it). These patches translate the Makoto Sawatari and Nayuki Minase routes in the VN.

I might consider the notion of waiting until NDT have finished translating the other routes before playing the VN, as that'll be the best time to fully enjoy the game.

Not to mention there's also the factor of me already seeing both versions of the anime adaptation that's making me less keen on playing it right this second.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Killing time with Japanese G1 series

With there being a lack of things for me to do recently (besides playing MOON. and the second teaser patch for CROSS CHANNEL). I've been using the time to watch my Complete Takara Collection, or to be more specific, the latter half of Masterforce and the entire run of Victory.

I got through The Headmasters pretty quickly, but I'm pissed that the subtitling errors from before were still present. I shouldn't need to be watchful that I don't get MegaZarak's weakness revealed early from some stupid cock up that could have been fixed!

Masterforce was probably my favourite series of the three. It was different from usual Transformers series, and that's probably what I liked the most. Unlike the ending which was just too sudden for my liking.

Then there's Victory, a series I had written off as boring for the longest time. And now I've seen it without having all those utterly pointless recap episodes, I can't call it completely boring anymore.

Star Saber still kinda urks me whenever he enters his "I won't forgive you!" mode, while the Destrons were a bunch of useless idiots that only posed a real threat about once or twice if they were lucky.

I also watched the bonus Zone episode, and was slightly disappointed that they used a crappy hardsubbed bootleg copy for it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What would grandmother say in this situation?

Decade's visit to the world of Den-O was one of the best parts in the series if you ask me.

It had everything I liked about Kamen Rider Den-O in there, and that to me was awesome despite Momotaros being the main centre of attention as usual.

Anyway, that's old news now as Kamen Rider Decade has finally reached Kabuto's world.

This world has one thing in particular that we never got to see in Kamen Rider Kabuto, as we had an appearance from that infamously quoted grandmother of Souji Tendou (or whatever the hell this alternate universe incarnation of him is called).

We also saw the Pegasus Form of Kuuga used by Decade to defeat a Clock'd Up Worm which was pretty cool I think.

They even poked fun at Kamen Rider Den-O by having Decade's Den-O AttackRide cards do nothing except the trademark poses and catchphrases of the Imagin. Much to the baffled amazement of TheBee, Gatack and the accompanying ZECTroopers.

But I have to say that my favourite moment in episode 16 was when Decade decided to counter TheBee's Clock Up using Faiz's Start Up ability in Axel Form. I'd been hoping to see this as the time displacement effects of Start Up and Clock Up are so similar to one another.

The adventures of Seven and his buddy draw to a close

Another series I've been watching over the last year has come to an end. Does the name Ketai Sousakan 7 (a.k.a. K-Tai Investigator 7) ring any bells?

If not, you let a fun little series with transforming mobile phone robots called Phone Bravers pass you by.

Hell, I liked this series enough to get myself the DX toy version of Phone Braver 01 and his Demolition Boost Phone because ol' 01 was such an awesome character in the show.

Yeah, this was one of those times where I didn't just like something for their black colour scheme!

The finale was quite sad in how it handled the fate of the Phone Bravers (even more so after what occurred in the previous episode with 01). It was a little depressing in some ways, but it didn't ruin my enjoyment in watching it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where's my missing Suika ending?

I'm done with Suika A.S+ all barring the aggravating exception of not being able to get the third ending choice to appear in chapter 4. I've tried to get it several times without any success even with a translated walkthrough. That ending is the last thing I needed to fully complete the game and its eluding me!

Well, at least I didn't face that problem with the Katawa Shoujo demo. I managed to finish it 100% last night after getting the bad ending, which I thought was funny as hell in a twisted sort of way.

I also tried out the teaser patch for CROSS†CHANNEL. And I'm now looking forward to playing more of it when its translated.

I really need to catch up on my figma collecting

Every time I see a new figma release for pre-order, it only makes me think of how far I am behind in collecting them all. Quite annoying really.

Nevertheless, I will eventually get these two new figmas at some point with any luck.

And the newest ones in case you missed it are of IkkiTousen's Sonsaku Hakufu and Muv-Luv's Meiya Mitsurugi.

Sonsaku I know quite well from watching the IkkiTousen anime and the vast amount of figures I've seen of her on the market. The same can't be said for Meiya as I know very little about the ins and outs of Muv-Luv.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Powered Commander isn't a lost cause?

I remember being pretty vocal in how pissed I was over the exclusive status of Powered Commander, and seeing the damn thing listed on eBay for amounts in the range of over £200 nearly made me resign in ever obtaining one.

Well, that was until today anyway.

I happened to chance upon an interesting bit of news from Kapow Toys that said they'd be stocking a mass release version of it at a much more desirable price point. Its still a tad steep, but I'd rather pay that than the inflated eBay prices.

Yeah, it'll probably piss off the guys that dished out for the convention version, and in a way I do feel sorry for them. However, that doesn't really concern me as I just want the toy quite frankly.

Friday, May 08, 2009

It has been a long wait for this Fang King

It happened, it finally happened. Bandai have finally pulled their finger out and are doing an S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Gaoh figure!

Although I wasn't expecting to see it this soon after the release of Kamen Rider NEW Den-O Vega Form if I'm being honest.

But what the hell, it has taken them long enough to do a Gaoh figure considering he was a villain in Kamen Rider Den-O: Ore, Tanjou!

Oh, and while you're still in mood to make S.H.Figuarts of Den-O movie Riders. Would you do me a favour and make me a Nega Den-O to further complete the set please?

August gathering for the Galactic Fairy

I was beginning to think Alpha x Omega weren't going to release the other Macross Frontier figures they showed off at some event I can no longer recall.

But that is no longer a worry as their Sheryl Nome figure has just gone up for pre-ordering in the usual places.

Now I didn't like how the series ended, but I'm still interested in owning a figure of the Galactic Fairy.

Actually, make that most Macross Frontier related merchandise in general (like Klan Klang figure I got not too long ago).

The NEW Deneb powered Den-O has arrived!

With the release of the Chou Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade movie in Japan, we now have another S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider NEW Den-O figure to collect.

This version of NEW Den-O has him in a Zeronos-esque Vega Form with his DenGasher in an altered Rod Form like weapon mode.

While I like the look of this NEW Den-O figure, I'm still waiting to see the guy's debut in Saraba, Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown as I've only actually seen the character in the brief appearance he had in episode 15 of Kamen Rider Decade thus far.

Friday, May 01, 2009

The Destroyer of Worlds has his sights set on the Showa era!

Kamen Rider Decade has just taken things to the next level for his upcoming movie.

It'll be called All Rider Vs. DaiShocker, and as the title suggests, we'll be seeing more than just the Heisei era Riders in this feature.

Good ol' Decade has saw it fit to call upon the Showa era Riders for this latest big screen adventure.

From the picture above we know that Black, ZX, Super-1, Skyrider, Stronger, Amazon, X, Riderman, V3, 2, 1, DiEnd, Decade, Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, Black RX, Shin and ZO will be appearing for definite.

J isn't shown, but he'll probably crash the party with his giant form.

Final stop on the road to Revenge of the Fallen?

The theatrical trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has appeared on Yahoo! Movies, and my thoughts are pretty much the same as when the ShoWest footage was first put online.

All I can do now is to wait until RotF is released in cinemas before I start getting any sort of hope and then seeing it crushed from feelings of disappointment once again.

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