Monday, May 18, 2009

Killing time with Japanese G1 series

With there being a lack of things for me to do recently (besides playing MOON. and the second teaser patch for CROSS CHANNEL). I've been using the time to watch my Complete Takara Collection, or to be more specific, the latter half of Masterforce and the entire run of Victory.

I got through The Headmasters pretty quickly, but I'm pissed that the subtitling errors from before were still present. I shouldn't need to be watchful that I don't get MegaZarak's weakness revealed early from some stupid cock up that could have been fixed!

Masterforce was probably my favourite series of the three. It was different from usual Transformers series, and that's probably what I liked the most. Unlike the ending which was just too sudden for my liking.

Then there's Victory, a series I had written off as boring for the longest time. And now I've seen it without having all those utterly pointless recap episodes, I can't call it completely boring anymore.

Star Saber still kinda urks me whenever he enters his "I won't forgive you!" mode, while the Destrons were a bunch of useless idiots that only posed a real threat about once or twice if they were lucky.

I also watched the bonus Zone episode, and was slightly disappointed that they used a crappy hardsubbed bootleg copy for it.


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