Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trust me to catch a cold in the summer

It has been a rather shitty week this week what with having a (summer) cold, moments of pain in my left thigh and coping with annoying real life shit on top of that (how fucking wonderful!), but at least it wasn't all bad from a collecting standpoint (also, there were those new patches for SWAN SONG and Muv-Luv too!).

Monday,, I received My-HiME Complete Collection.

Mai-HiME (that's the spelling of 'Mai' I'm going with) was a series I found out about purely by chance a years ago and been a fan of it ever since.

It had somewhat innocent beginnings until the shit (well and truly) hit the fan and got better once the characters were suffering more and more (in my twisted opinion anyway).

The only thing I (still) hold against the series is the ending, cos c'mon, after everything that went down the bloody thing ended on a extremely happy note!

Wednesday, Kapow Toys, I received Headrobots Cobra, Revenge of the Fallen Divebomb, RD-13 Ravage and Hunt for the Decepticons Sea Spray.

The Cobra Headmaster is cool, but nothing special (it didn't connect too well on my Brave). Divebomb is a victim of the stupid monkeys giving him two left landing gears (WHY, DAMMIT! WHY?!). Ravage is okay, but that alt mode is shit. And Sea Spray is stunning, simple, and oh so very awesome.

Thursday, all your music, I received My-Otome Zwei.

I'll save most of my thoughts on Mai-Otome until the complete series DVD I ordered arrives (which I'm hoping will be soon).

As for the Mai-Otome Zwei sequel, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't that great in the end either.

Personally, I preferred the Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ prequel that came after this (it was just way more interesting to watch Arika's mother in her time as an Otome).

Friday, comics-and-toys, I received Transformers Crossovers Black Costume Spider-Man.

I already had Crossovers Venom and the black bike Spider-Man, so I thought why not?

Yeah, I know these Crossovers make for shitty toys, but I couldn't resist the black repaint.

Yesterday, coolqueenyc, I received Transformers Animated TA-12 Arcee.

I was planning to keep this MOSC, but the plastic bubble was crushed so servilely that it made more sense for me to open it.

Unlike my Hasbro Arcee, this Takara-Tomy Arcee has minor QC issues like the feet popping off after the slightest bloody movement.

Yesterday also brought me a surprise gift in the form of Star Wars Transformers Clone Commander Cody, which I got from friends that paid the family a visit (well, yesterday was my mum's birthday).

The Turbo Tank mode is very nice, but the robot mode is a clusterfuck of hampering kibble.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wrecking courage for sticking rarity

This week brought Nemmy some new goodies, and only one of them is a DVD!

Monday, Kapow Toys and dvdmagnetinc, I received the Warbot Defender and King of the Braves GaoGaiGar Season Two Collection.

I think I mentioned it before, but I'll be calling the Warbot Defender Springer (cos c'mon, it fucking screams Springer!), and that's that.

As for the toy itself, I do feel safer in transforming this than the Knight Morpher Commander, but there's still that nagging fear I'm gonna break the damn thing.

And the second half of GaoGaiGar? Do I really need to explain that?

Tuesday, nosvette1 and, I received Animated Arcee and Classics Springer stickers.

Arcee's not a bad toy, but it felt somewhat lacking in my eyes after removing it from the packaging and transforming it a few times.

I dunno why, but it just strikes me as underwhelming in the face of other Arcees I have in my collection (such as the BotCon and WonderFest exclusives).

Regarding those stickers for Springer, I think this photo should cover it (and no, there was no room for Hot Rod in it, so don't even ask!).

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two right paddles doesn't equal a left!

For a change, a lone toy is to be posted on this blog.

Today from, I received Animated Cybertron Mode Ratchet.

I liked the original Animated Ratchet toy, and this new one is just as good in my opinion.

However, I am pissed off about something...


Dammit Hasbro, this is just as fucking retarded as having a Sunstreaker with two right fists.

Can't these employed monkeys tell the difference between left and right?!

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