Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The expense on this K-Touch was too high!

I'll start this post by saying that there'll be a bit of rage filled anger which will be expressed with a fair amount of swearing. So please deal with it!

Now why am I so pissed? Well, it'd be because of this DX K-Touch I got from spike-y7685.

You might be thinking it's because I dislike the item, and that would be incorrect as I'm happy that I've got the lovely K-Touch.

What I'm not happy about though is that a certain bunch of money grabbing cunts (HMRC) took my parcel and stung me £10.01 in VAT fees.

But that wasn't the most annoying part, as I later found out that the parcel had been overvalued by about ¥4000 which left me little choice but to pay double the amount of its actual retail price in bloody VAT!

And to add further insult to injury, Parcelfarce then added their fucking retarded £13.50 excuse called a clearance fee on top of that!

Please tell me why the fuck I'm paying them bastards express parcel fees on a item that took longer to get from the money grabbing cunts to me than its initial trip from Japan to this shitty country?! Just where's the fucking logic in that!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Trinity of Commanders is now complete!

What originally started as a wish soon turned into anger and then a glimmer of hope is now in my possession thanks to Kapow Toys.

Yeah, I finally got that Powered Commander I wanted. Except that this one has a slightly different colour scheme and named D.I.A. Commander.

I couldn't wait to open this up and connect the parts onto the Henkei Convoy I bought solely for this set.

Hell, I even took the liberty of taking a photo of the three Commanders so you can see how great they look together.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I can't avoid the Robot Heroes any longer

This'll be a quick post about the Transformers movie items I received the other day from visiting friends.

The items I got were the Revenge of the Fallen Junior Novel and two blind-packed Robot Heroes (which contained Movie Decepticon Frenzy and Movie Metallic Optimus Prime).

I might read the novel when I go on a shopping trip or something. And the Robot Heroes are pretty cool even though Frenzy has one leg bent out of shape.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

This Griffon was cool enough for me to want the other one

You've seen what I got with the £2 off and 10% off vouchers on eBay, but what of the 5% off voucher?

Well, I used that to get this Brave Gokin 09x Type-J9 Griffon [Aqua Unit Ver.] from figure_shop.

I happened to see it going for a fairly decent price, so I went for it. And now that its here, I think I'm going to display it with the other version of the Brave Gokin Griffon I have in my collection.

Friday, July 03, 2009

It was great to have this when coping with the hot weather!

Man, I hate this bleeding hot weather! It isn't just hot, it's fucking unbearable!!! This is one of the few times where I've actually had to rely on my electric fan to cool things down.

Anyway, that's enough bitching towards the weather. I'm just going to note what I've been doing these last few days (if anyone cares).

For the most part I've been playing KIRA☆KIRA like crazy from beginning to end. This VN was also entertaining enough to keep my mind off the sodding weather for awhile.

Before I got the VN I'd seen remarks that stated it was the VN equivalent of K-ON!, but I'd feel like disagreeing with that because KIRA☆KIRA had a lot more focus on the music aspect than K-ON! did.

Their training to be punk rockers was hilarious. The girls dressing Shikanosuke Maejima in drag and getting a kick out of it was memorable to say the least. And near enough everything else about it was great in its own way too.

Long story short, I consider KIRA☆KIRA a must play VN!

Besides that I got to try the Episode 1 patch for School Days. Get the Watanagashi-hen Day 1 patch for Higurashi (haven't played it yet). Watch the extremely condensed as hell CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ Kyou Chapter OVA (haven't seen it subbed to really comment on it). And finish the week two patch of CROSS†CHANNEL.

Oh, and I saw the start of the Umineko anime. Yeah, they did chop some bits from the VN as I expected, but it wasn't too bad cos they kept Rosa's 'epic parenting' skills for all to see!

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