Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What would grandmother say in this situation?

Decade's visit to the world of Den-O was one of the best parts in the series if you ask me.

It had everything I liked about Kamen Rider Den-O in there, and that to me was awesome despite Momotaros being the main centre of attention as usual.

Anyway, that's old news now as Kamen Rider Decade has finally reached Kabuto's world.

This world has one thing in particular that we never got to see in Kamen Rider Kabuto, as we had an appearance from that infamously quoted grandmother of Souji Tendou (or whatever the hell this alternate universe incarnation of him is called).

We also saw the Pegasus Form of Kuuga used by Decade to defeat a Clock'd Up Worm which was pretty cool I think.

They even poked fun at Kamen Rider Den-O by having Decade's Den-O AttackRide cards do nothing except the trademark poses and catchphrases of the Imagin. Much to the baffled amazement of TheBee, Gatack and the accompanying ZECTroopers.

But I have to say that my favourite moment in episode 16 was when Decade decided to counter TheBee's Clock Up using Faiz's Start Up ability in Axel Form. I'd been hoping to see this as the time displacement effects of Start Up and Clock Up are so similar to one another.


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