Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DiEnd deserved a better toy than this!

I got a nice surprise from the postman this morning, my DX DiEndriver from

If you've seen Kamen Rider Decade, you'll know this is the Henshin Soutenjuu DiEndriver used by Daiki Kaitou to transform into Kamen Rider DiEnd (and summoning other Kamen Riders as attack drones).

The toy version of this gun is pretty much the same size as its on-screen counterpart, and that sadly is the only good thing about it.
  • It doesn't read the cards you slot into it like the DX Decadriver.
  • It doesn't say DiEnd while doing the transformation sounds.
  • It doesn't say the names of summoned Riders.
  • It doesn't say AttackRide (or FormRide for that matter).
  • It doesn't even say Final AttackRide or Final FormRide.
Now it should be said that I don't actually hate the toy for these faults, but I do hate Bandai for pulling this lazy ass shit with the DiEndriver's main gimmick!


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