Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another addition to the Rodimus addiction

My lateness in posting this is more due to the usual habit of getting too engrossed in playing a new VN.

The VN in question this time is Kotori Love Ex P, a compilation of Kotori's routes from various VNs such as D.C.P.C., D.C. White Season, D.C. After Seasons and C.D. Christmas Days (grouped together as Kotori LOVE!), along with a expanded version of D.C.I.F. (referred to as Kotori EXTASY!) and of course the new KotoriPlus (menu listed as Kotori PLUS!).

But that's enough about that as a few items did arrive for me this week.

Saturday, h1130315 and markh, I received...
  • Animated Black Rodimus
  • Dark Designs trade paperback
  • Rage in Heaven trade paperback
Animated Black Rodimus was a toy I wanted to get since the first images of it appeared. They took the already awesome as hell Animated Rodimus mould (that I own in various forms) and gave it a very Shattered Glass-esque colour scheme (it should go without saying that it is now my favourite version of the toy).

Dark Designs and Rage in Heaven were a couple of TPBs I've been interested in getting for awhile cos I've heard the old Generation 2 comics were actually pretty good.


Rodimus_Hotrod said...

Jammy Git yet nother Roddy i dont own

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