Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A long awaited purchase is finally here!

I've near enough finished playing Kotori Love Ex P now (I only need to get the remaining CGs and scenes in D.C.P.C. when I can be arsed to do so). Although I do wish they added some more depth to Ayumi's involvement in KotoriPlus (I was hoping for one least one RAGE ending dammit!).

Anyway, time for this week's arrivals.

Tuesday (last week), figure_house, I received S.H.Figuarts GARO.

This Figuart of GARO really beings home the fact I've been in this collecting game for a good many years now.

The first GARO I got was the Souchaku Henshin pretty soon after I watched the series, and it was a good representation of GARO too. However, the armour pieces did have a tendency of falling off when you least wanted them to do so.

Wednesday, xxliloandstitchxx, I received Animated Blackout.

Like Lugnut before him, Blackout is a big Decepticon with a toy far smaller than he deserves. Even so, the only real let-down of it for me is the lack of outward poseability in the arms.

Friday, boomingisland, I received CLANNAD ~After Story~ Complete Collection.

The continuation of CLANNAD, and I was quite vocal about it too when the series was airing in Japan.

One thing about the set that baffles me though is they swapped the play order of the Summary Episode and Kyou Arc OVA, but the menu shows the two episodes in their correct Japanese release order.


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