Sunday, March 13, 2011

The trials of wanting a Shattered Glass Rodimus!

Before I start on this week's hauls, I think I should point out that Nemmy is now on Facebook! I had actually been thinking of signing up to it for awhile but it never really went beyond that until a few days ago (again, thoughts go out to those affected by the earthquake in Japan) when I just thought "might as well" and did so on a whim (you should know by now that whims come very naturally to me).

Monday, transformersera, I received...
  • Timelines Shattered Glass Rodimus
  • Timelines Shattered Glass Megatron
  • Timelines Shattered Glass Divebomb
You wouldn't believe the hassles I had in trying to get a Shattered Glass Rodimus.

First I win a auction for Shattered Glass Rodimus at the beginning of January which ultimately never arrived after weeks and weeks and weeks of waiting, then I was being messed around by the seller (who shall remain nameless) when trying to get the refund that he himself promised and was getting nothing but excuse after excuse after excuse, so finally I had no other option except to report the guy in order to resolve the issue (thankfully for me eBay ruled in my favour and was able to get my money back).

After that I used said refund to help fund my winning these three guys (most notably for the Shattered Glass Rodimus). Only trouble I had here was with the amount declared on the parcel as it was for the total sum I paid for them on eBay, which means those thieving fuckers at Customs (and Parcelfarce) had a good ol' field day in stinging me with charges totalling £120.77 (seriously, I shit you not).

The only good thing I can say about all the whole sorry ordeal is that I'm finally able to complete my Shadow Scythe with a Shattered Glass Rodimus!

The total combined cost once you factor in all the Customs charges I had to pay for both this guy and the armour is probably enough to make some out there feint, but in a positive light he's also a proud standing personified achievement in showing how much shit I went through to obtain it and succeeding in the end!

Shattered Glass Megatron is a mighty fine toy in its own right too. Even though I own several versions of the mould (both Hasbro and Takara) already, I still rate it quite favourably.

Wednesday, CSToys International, I received S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider DiEnd Complete Form.

This was purchased after the 'Figuarts Tuesday' plan had officially come to an end in a special one week extension.

After I got Decade in his Complete Form, getting DiEnd in his Complete Form became the next logical choice. There's no real deeper or significant meaning behind this one.

Friday, animeking_inc, I received S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider Dark Kiva.

This was also bought in the special one week extension to the 'Figuarts Tuesday' plan.

Dark Kiva was a Rider I originally wanted a Souchaku Henshin figure of back when he first appeared in Kamen Rider Kiva. Yeah, his design is practically a slightly altered version of Kiva's Emperor Form, but he looks incredibly sinister (I really dig that colour scheme).

He even comes packaged with the Zanvat Sword and the Jacorder (cos Saga needs love too) for weapons (I currently have mine wielding both!).

Saturday, zoverstocks, I received Macross Plus The Ultimate Edition.

After listening to a certain podcast (which I've already mentioned) I thought I'd take a look on Amazon to see how much the DVD was currently going for. Well, I found it on there for £4.50 (including shipping) and pretty much snapped it up on the spot!


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