Saturday, October 02, 2010

Raging Crystal Primes and a lot of NO, Thank You!

This is going to be such an awesome way to start a post cos Nemmy is already extremely fucking pissed off! Why I hear ask? That would be because Amazon had posted my order of the Anime Legends Escaflowne DVD last fucking Saturday (the official date of release was Monday) that I'M STILL FUCKING WAITING ON TO ARRIVE!!!

Seriously, why the fuck is it taking so long to arrive (just thinking about it is making me even more pissed) that's what I'd like to bloody well know?!

Not only that, but those fuckers at Customs tried (and gloriously FAILED I should add) to sting me on the following haul from Japan. Even so, the bastards still managed to delay the delivery of it by a day while they were fucking around in their attempt to extort more money out of me! This time however, I got the winning hand and WON! WON!! WON!!!

Anyway, that's enough ranting (and the dropping of F-Bombs) for now, it's time for the haul itself.

Thursday, Fan2Fan, I (firstly) received...
  • Revoltech Three-stage Transformation Valkyrie VF-1J Max Ver.
  • figma Yui Hirasawa
  • figma Tsumugi Kotobuki
  • figma Ritsu Tainaka
  • figma Azusa Nakano
  • Revoltech Three-stage Transformation Valkyrie VF-1J Milia Ver.
  • figma Ui Hirasawa
  • figma Saber Alter
  • figma Black☆Rock Shooter
  • Nendoroid Snow Miku

Thursday, Fan2Fan, I (secondly) received...
  • Good Smile Company 1/7 Saber Lily ~Golden Caliburn~

Thursday, Fan2Fan, I (thirdly) received...
  • Transformers 2010 Henkei Sons of Cybertron
  • Transformers Animated Encyclopedia
  • Transformers 2010 Animated Sons of Cybertron
  • Animated TA-38 Wingblade Optimus Prime
Although this isn't a bad haul by Nemmy standards, it will seem a little weak in the face of what I will be receiving (provided it gets here without interference from those fuckers at Customs) that'll make some folk pretty damn envious (all I can say is remember the oath sworn through courage).


Cyberleader2000 said...

If its any help I know you dont get charged for import costs if you spend under £40

Nemesis Scourge said...

Trust me, I'm well aware of the £18 for Merchandise and £36 for Gift limits imposed on us by HMRC. I've been stung so many times by them over the years that I'll go out of my way to try and find methods that'll avoid dealing with them (and Parcelfarce).

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