Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scuffed Wreckers, Fooly Cooly and Bruticus appendages

Real life wise I'm still not feeling too great, but apart from that I've just finished Chapter 3 of ef - a fairy tale of the two. (thus far, this VN looks stunningly pretty what with all the effects and animations).

I didn't do too bad on the haul front either.

Tuesday,, I received Last Stand of the Wreckers trade paperback.

First things first, I'd like to say a massive fuck you to the postwoman who was stupid enough to roughly shove this through the letterbox and damage the corners of my Wreckers TPB! I do have a second copy on order, but I'm going to keep that one as mint as possible and use this as my main reading copy.

Nevertheless, everyone and their extended family goes on about how great this comic is, and I'm very much a follower of that sentiment because it truly is that damn good. It got me wanting (no I should say needing) to buy the TPB unlike any of IDW's other work on Transformers in recent memory. There's just something about it (besides of awesomeness of my childhood favourite Rotorstorm) that really appealed to me and made me take a keener interest in this band of Autobots.

The comic alone deserves all the praise in the world (and rightfully so), but seeing as we get Bullets to expand on it as well, what more could you ask for? Now I'll be the first to admit text-only stories grate on my nerves as I get bored (and somewhat intimidated) very easily when there's nothing except walls of text presented before me. However, once I finally got through those 11 pages all I had to say was "holy fucking shit" (and that's all I will say about it for now).

Thursday, mvm_entertainment, I received FLCL Vol 1-3.

Now I've seen a lot of anime in my time, but Furi Kuri is certainly one of more stranger ones. Even when I recently watched it again I'm still left with a sense of confusion and scratching my head, its weird, too weird, so weird that I'm not sure calling it weird is actually fitting.

I wasn't going to pay the price I originally saw it for (which was about £18), but I bit the bullet at £10.

Saturday, Kapow Toys, I received...
  • XFire 02A Explorer And Combat Unit Appendage Add-on Kit A
  • XFire 02B Munitioner And Combat Unit Appendage Add-on Kit B
Let's cut the bollocks, I'll be referring to Explorer and Munitioner as Blast Off and Swindle from this point on cos let's face it, that's who they really are (I did the same with the Warbot Defender after all).

I can't comment on the individual robot modes of Blast Off and Swindle as I didn't want to risk the chance of something breaking (that would really annoy me after the shit that happened with my Universe Classics Bruticus Maximus), so I put these suckers straight into XFire Bruticus Colossus and they'll probably remain connected as him for the foreseeable future.

The combination process wasn't hassle free mind you as the new head was a little tricky to attach, the backpack doesn't properly align with the holes on Onslaught's back, and connecting the hands had some scary moments.

But even with those niggles, the end result is jaw-droppingly awesome. It totally removes the need for Universe Classics Blast Off and Swindle to exist (unless you want to consider them as drones), leaves you a much more poseable gestalt than the XFire Superion Antaeus (and its Snowman repaint), and gives him an lethal assortment of weapons to boot.

Now if we get a repaint of this set that matches the colours of Super Link Bruticus, I would gladly purchase it without hesitation.


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