Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rotorstorm is no longer just a memory!

The arrival of my DX Time Force Megazord was indeed special to me.

However, the item I got today from xr4x4rs has more of a nostalgic meaning because its something I have fond memories of as a kid.

That item is none other than the G1 (or was it G2?) Turbomaster called Rotorstorm.

This toy was one of the few Transformers I actually owned back in the day along with Defensor (which was the beginning point of me getting into Transformers) and Prowl (whose toy was the first to piss me off even at a young age).

I can't remember where and when I got my old Rotorstorm, but I do remember playing with him a lot during the visits to my nan and granddad's place on the weekends, where you could find me sitting on the sofa just having fun transforming him from his robot mode into vehicle mode and back again many times over.

Yes, the guy is a total brick. But he's also a brick I'm glad to have in my possession once again.


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