Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Superion requires some new appendages too?

Today has given me a Stocking Stuffer delivery from TFSource (and no, I haven't fallen victim to the credit card security issues they're facing at the moment thank fuck).

Like I said when I got my Aerial Team Appendage Add-on Kit last year (man, it feels weird saying that), I went out and purchased the Snowman Version of the kit.

The only real difference between the two (besides the colour) is a Zero Hour comic plugging their upcoming Warbot Defender (he's Springer dammit!).

Was that comic the 'bells and whistles' this exclusive was planned to have? It seems rather cheap if that's the case.

Ah well, at least the real meat of the package didn't fail to impress.

As soon as it arrived, I grabbed my SL Superion and started putting the parts on him so I could take this comparison shot of him with the already decked-out RotF Superion.

Of the two, I think I prefer SL Superion with the Snowman kit just a tad more than RotF Superion with the original kit.


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