Saturday, September 25, 2010

What a KOLD way to finally get Henkei Black Convoy

Nothing really noteworthy happened this week, so I'll skip straight to the hauls.

Wednesday, KOTOYS.COM, I received KOLD Henkei Black Konvoy LE-05.

This here is a knock-off of the once planned WonderFest convention exclusive Henkei Black Convoy, but as we all know it never came to fruition (much to my extreme annoyance). Yes, there are a few 'NOT FOR SALE' prototypes that surface on eBay every now and then, but the prices I've seen for them are bloody ludicrous (£750+ for a black repaint, are you fucking kidding me?!), thus the decision to travel down the route of obtaining a infinitely cheaper alternative was decided upon.

Without getting into the whole knock-offs are evil, knock-offs must burn in hell or whatever your stance on the subject is, this is actually of fairly decent quality. It does have its issues like some pinned connections being replaced with screws, a few loose and misshaped pins, left over jagged bits from the plastic sprues, no (clicky) ratchet joints, and a few casting defects (his face has no fucking nose, man!), the worst being unable to plug the small smokestack gun into the big wind vane gun because the holes were done wrong (one should be positioned lower than the other, but here they're on the same level making it slant to one side if you do manage to connect them).

Given that all that, I couldn't recommend him to everyone. But if you're like me and want a version of this ill-fated black repaint, then by all means get him, just don't expect an exact replica of the original toy though.

Now it's time for the obligatory comparison shot with Universe Classics Nemesis Prime.

The differences are minor and apparent, but of the two the Henkei colour scheme wins me over just that little bit more because its more akin to that of RiD Scourge (and the Nemesis Leader is pretty similar to it too).

Thursday, the_book_depository, I received Last Stand of the Wreckers TPB.

My second copy of Wreckers arrived with minimal damage, but not 100% unscathed (Nemmy's a perfectionist, deal with it). Besides that, I pretty much said what I wanted to say about Wreckers last week.


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