Sunday, January 16, 2011

I got the armour, but not the main bot itself

After being kept busy by D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ for the last week or so, I finally get around to posting this entry.

Thursday, toystar_galactica and supermart_usa, I received Drill Boy and CLANNAD Complete Collection.

Drill Boy is basically the token partsformer power-up. I haven't bothered with his own vehicle and robot modes at the moment cos I purely wanted this so I could 'upgrade' my Build Tiger.

CLANNAD, easily one of the better visual novel adaptations I've seen, and also the starting point in my exposure of KEY's other works such as Air and Kanon.

Friday,, I received Shadow Scythe.

The inevitable black repaint of the Protector, and a totally awesome one at that (even if it did get stung by those fuckers at Customs).

One complaint I have is with the scythe itself, as those connector tabs are an awfully tight fit and probably prone to breakage.

I wasn't to take this shot until the Shattered Glass Rodimus I bought arrived, but I'm still waiting on it. So I took the opportunity to use the armour on my Challenge at Cybertron Rodimus.


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