Saturday, October 09, 2010

So as I pray, Unlimited Brave Works!

After what seems like over a year (even though it was a little over 9 months from its Japanese cinema release in reality), I finally got to watch the anime movie adaptation of Unlimited Blade Works and I enjoyed it for what it was (a means of seeing some of my favourite scenes in animated form). However, I still prefer the pacing of the route in the Fate/stay night VN (the movie trimmed out some of the slice of life parts I really liked).

Other than that, I'm STILL waiting for my bloody Escaflowne! Basically, Amazon won't do fuck all about it until the 13th, and I find that rather annoying (they fucked up, not me).

But on a more positive note, this week's haul measures exceedingly high on epicness meter.

Monday, crosszgundam, I received...
  • GaoGaiGar & Goldymarg (Reissue)
  • G-14 DX King J-Der
  • G-04 DX ChoRyuJin
  • G-08 DX Big Volfogg
  • G-16 DX GekiRyuJin
  • G-13 DX Mic Sounders the 13th
  • G-03 DX GaoGaiGar Base
In one fell swoop I have managed to acquire a large portion of the GaoGaiGar toyline. I was bloody lucky to get these, and dammit, this right here is easily one of the proudest moments in my years of collecting.

I've been a fan of the show for years (and have been pimping it ever since), but nothing tops having the characters you've come to adore in their original toy incarnations, especially in the condition these arrived in. All of them are MIB (barring Big Volfogg, GaoGaiGar and Goldlymarg who were MISB) with stickers not applied (and they'll be staying that way), and better yet, none of them are the Sonokong releases (not that I would've minded too much).

And because it just has to be done, here's the Saikyou Yuusha Robo Gundan (or Strongest Brave Robot Corps when translated) in one glorious group shot.

Now for some brief thoughts...

GaoGaiGar - He's rather simplistic compared to the CM's Brave Gokins I own, but he's a lot more chunky and solid. The only thing I dislike on him is the GaoLiner not locking in-place when you slide it into GaiGar.

ChoRyuJin - The first of the Symmetrical-Dockers, and they've already won me over. The indivual robot modes for HyoRyu and EnRyu are nice, but the real selling point is when you combine them into ChoRyuJin. He's big, he's imposing, and he has some big ass tonfas for weapons!

Big Volfogg - Volfogg is one of the weaker toys in the line-up in my honest opinion. In robot mode he's very blocky, and I hate transforming his legs because they're very awkward. GunDober and GunGlue aren't that much better. Big Volfogg is the sole saving grace in all this, and even that has its flaws.

Goldymarg - Ah, Goldy. Oh how I planned to have you as a permanent Goldion Hammer for GaoGaiGar until I realised you were simply too damn big and weighty to be kept that way. You're not too bad by yourself, but I truly wanted you as my GOLDION HAMMER!!!

Mic Sounders the 13th - The smallest guy of the bunch, but that doesn't make him any less awesome. And now that I think about it, you should already know how awesome Mic Sounders is without my needing to tell you!

King J-Der - Quite possibly the biggest brick of the lot, and I don't even care. I mean c'mon, he's King fucking J-Der! There's no chance in hell of me not liking him when he's one of the coolest things I remember about the show. Hell, I'd even go as far to say that he's the one I was looking forward to owning the most.

GekiRyuJin - There's not much to say here as FuRyu and RaiRyu are basically the same as their combined 'brother' with a few remoulded parts and new weapons to replace the big ass tonfas. Even so, having the option to interchange him with ChoRyuJin to form both GenRyuJin and GouRyuJin is a pretty damn awesome in itself.

Tuesday, simonh9362, I received Build Tiger.

My week of Brave acquisitions isn't just limited to that of GaoGaiGar, but J-Decker too. Hence I now have a Build Tiger (which is comprised of McCrane, Power Joe and Dumpson), and for a partsformer he's very nice (if you dismiss McCrane's head peaking out near the crotch). But I do have to admit his colouring makes him look like he's been Tango'd.

Ideally I'd also like a Drill Boy so I can form this guy into Super Build Tiger, then he might not seem so dwarfed in size when placed next to the Saikyou Yuusha Robo Gundan.


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