Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The change in cameras is now complete

This week's update suffered an unfortunate delay because the digital camera (which originally belonged to a friend until they gave it to me a couple of years back) I've been using since the creation of this blog will no longer take photos (the lens on it essentially died).

Thus this entry will be both a final salute to the Kodak EasyShare DX4330 that has served me well (its last photo being this photo I took of DaiGoyou using GoGo Drill and GoGo Shovel) and an introduction to the Samsung PL201 I have bought to replace it (you'll see the first of its photos beginning with Cure Passion).

The new camera even has HD video recording capabilities, so you may get a video from me one of these days if you're lucky (it all depends on if I can be arsed to do one really).

Monday (last week),, I received 5 Centimeters Per Second.

This was totally bought on a whim at the same time I pre-ordered Summer Wars (cos it seemed like a really good deal considering it was listed for £8.99, not to mention I've been noticing its name quite a bit lately and wanted to know more about it).

I knew very little about the film beforehand, so when I watched it for the first time that same day it ended up leaving quite the impression. Its definitely worthy of a recommendation if you have yet to watch it (even if it's only the once).

Wednesday (last week), perfect-finds, I received Betterman Complete Collection.

Tracking down this set for a price that wasn't fucking ridiculous was one hell of a chore, but that joy was short-lived thanks to my having to pay more money to those thieving fuckers at Customs (wasn't the charge for this enough?!).

Betterman was a series I first got interested in seeing due to the same world setting ties it shares with GaoGaiGar (the now cancelled GaoGaiGar Project Z would have served as a means of bringing the two closer together, but the only evidence left of that now is the toys of GaoGaiGo). That being said, I actually appreciate it more as a series by its own merits now, but the plot of it does also boggle the mind at times.

Friday, HobbyLink Japan and zoverstocks, I received Hiden Chouchin DaiGoyou and The End of Evangelion.

DaiGoyou was a character I liked in the show, but I wasn't interested in owning the toy until HLJ were selling him at 70% off. Seriously, who'd say no to a quirky paper lantern mecha going for roughly £14 (or nearer £30 if you include the shipping costs).

The toy itself is very simplistic in design, but lots of fun. The fact you can attach a variety of arms from other Sentai mecha on him (see photo link above for an example) increases his play value in my opinion.

The End of Evangelion, probably one of the more fucked up things I seen in anime, but that's also probably why I keep coming back to it whenever I watch the series. Finding a copy of it on DVD took awhile cos I was unwilling to pay the high prices I'd seen it listed for second-hand, but then I happened to chance upon one being sold at a price I considered fair and got it as you can see.

Saturday, AmiAmi, I received S.H.Figuarts Cure Passion.

What led me into getting Cure Passion was finally seeing the fansubbed episodes of how she came to be in Fresh PreCure (that, and seeing AmiAmi selling it heavily discounted). I already knew that Eas became Cure Passion long ago, and that was about it (All-Stars DX2 made that fact clear as day). I had to endure a wait of over two years before witnessing her origin for myself (you could say the idea behind Eas' change of heart is pretty similar to that of Kaoru and Michiru from PreCure Splash Star).

Speaking of Eas, I did also manage to luck out and win an S.H.Figuarts Eas as well, but I'm still waiting on that to arrive at the moment.


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