Monday, March 28, 2011

Another week's worth of DVDs and S.H.Figuarts

I seem to be getting later and later in writing these updates. I used to do them whenever an item arrived on that given day, but that soon dwindled down to once a week and now I'm struggling to get motivated to manage even that (I do actually like keeping a record of what I get like this).

Monday (last week), supermart_usa, I received GunBuster.

This should have been the prefect DVD release for one of my favourite anime series, but this is not the case here due to one very significant change to the music during the first episode's training scene. To some this might be considered minor, but to me this is taking something I have fond memories of and fucking with it for whatever reason (copyright apparently) they deemed appropriate.

Apart from that though, this set is very nice indeed. It has a real sturdy cardboard case which puts the one DieBuster had to shame for starters.

Wednesday, kcmanhk, I received S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker.

Now this is what originally started my 'Figuarts Tuesday' plan back in the beginning of February, yet it ended up being the last to arrive because it somehow took over six weeks to make its way from Hong Kong to the UK (and trying to get information from the seller about it was a right pain in the ass).

Thursday, AmiAmi, I received S.H.Figuarts Shinken Red (with Kuroko).

ShinkenRed is the first Super Sentai character to get an S.H.Figuarts release and a brilliant one at that. This Figuart far surpasses any of the Power Rangers figures I own (including the Super Legends)! The detail on him is outstanding and he has all the articulation you'd expect from a Figuart (even with the new shoulder joint design).

He comes with a variety of accessories such as the Shodo Phone (in Brush Mode), Sisi Origami, Shinkenmaru and the big ass Rekka Daizantou. I currently have mine holding the Rekka Daizantou ready to cause some serious damage!

Saturday, AmiAmi and, I received...
  • S.H.Figuarts Cure Blossom
  • S.H.Figuarts Cure Marine
  • Summer Wars
Cure Blossom and Cure Marine quickly became a favourite of mine (Marine even more so) during the course of watching HeartCatch PreCure. The series was a real joy to watch (especially when compared to the rather boring Goseiger) and when I discovered these two were getting S.H.Figuarts, I just had to get them (the same can be said for the other Cures from this series).

Summer Wars, the film that made me seek out TokiKake after I watched it fansubbed last year (was it really long ago?). It was another one of those things I had seen mentioned, yet knew very little about at the time.


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