Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time travel at its bittersweet best

I've been buying a lot of DVDs lately haven't I?

I guess it's because I finally found a way to make my PC multi-region that's given me enough reason to be on the lookout for DVDs (especially if I'm able to find stuff I like at bargain prices).

Anyway, the DVD I got today from fayity was The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Limited Collector's Edition (this one is the HMV exclusive release rather than the recent 2-disc release).

Oh, and it case you were wondering, I didn't pay £20 for this like the label says.

Also, that English title is a tad long for my liking, so I'll be referring to it as TokiKake (the abbreviation of its Japanese title Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo).

I only decided to get this film on a whim cos I learned it was directed by Mamoru Hosoda, who also directed another film I saw fansubbed fairly recently called Summer Wars (which was a damn good film that took me by surprise that's for sure).

I've already watched the film and I can say with ease that TokiKake was a nice change from the usual anime I tend to watch, and this fact alone made it a very worthwhile purchase.


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