Sunday, July 18, 2010

When a Leader and his Saber crosses a Ghost Commander

Now that I've finished the recently released Matsuribayashi-hen, I'm done with the Higurashi VNs until Higirashi Rei gets a release (although I've already played through the Saikoroshi-hen from it).

Anyway, let's move on to the toys I got this week.

Tuesday, iGear, I received PP01B Nemesis Leader.

For a downscaled version of Masterpiece Convoy this is a pretty decent toy, although I do have my fears in trying to transform the thing cos it has that fragile feel to it.

But it serves its purpose just fine in robot mode that I took this shot with his Masterpiece 'brother' (well, one of them anyway).

If anything, I actually prefer the subtle colour differences on Nemesis Leader (like the red windows).

Wednesday, AmiAmi, I received figma Saber Alter.

This is a figma I've wanted to see for years, and it finally got made!

Saber Alter (a.k.a. Kuroi Saber) is the version of Saber I like most (just look at the banner), as it was from first seeing the Revoltech figure of her that made me want to know more about Fate/stay night (but more importantly, the Heaven's feel route she appeared in from the VN).

Thursday, Kapow Toys, I received Masterpiece MP-3G Starscream Ghost Ver.

This is the sixth time I've bought this mould (the Hasbro Skywarp I got for Christmas was the fifth), and I still like it!

The 'crystal' colouring looks really bloody nice on this guy, so I'm glad I bought it.

Friday, smalljoes, I received G.I. Joe: Resolute Cobra Commander.

Ol' fish-gutter here was a required purchase after seeing G.I. Joe: Resolute.

I just wish his sheath wasn't bent upon opening, and that his helmet would stay on better.


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