Sunday, July 04, 2010

Joes, Otomes and even a Runaway

I've just about got over my cold, but the real life shit is continuing to hound me (just my fucking luck, huh?).

Negative shit aside (for now at least), here's this week's purchases.

Monday, argos-clearancebargains, I received G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Nightbird with Aero Viper.

This is only the second G.I. Joe vehicle I've bought (the first was that bloody H.I.S.S. tank), and damn its impressive (even more so at the price I paid for it)!

It really is quite big; bigger than I expected in fact, but the thing I like about it most is the cocking revolver action when launching the missiles.

I don't care much for the Aero Viper, as his job is to sit his ass in the cockpit like a good little lackey.

Thursday,, I received Runaway Train.

I'm kinda annoyed about this one cos I decided to buy it after I couldn't locate my Anchor Bay release of the film; and take a guess what I find the very next day?

Nevertheless, Runaway Train is a film that deserves more attention than it gets (and if you're one of those people who haven't seen it yet, SHAME. ON. YOU!) cos there's more going for it than simply a story of a bunch of runaway locomotives in snowy Alaska.

The ending in particular still brings a tear to my eye and left a mighty big impression on Nemmy back when he watched it for first time at the age of 9 (even though I didn't fully understand the meaning behind it back then).

Friday, supermart_usa, I received My-Otome Complete Collection.

Mai-Otome, it wasn't quite as striking to me as Mai-HiME, but it did have some interesting things going for it (like all the unique Robes) and against it (like Nina and her umm... you know... questionable intentions).

Although I was more pissed at the fact Mai Tokiha wasn't in it until the final few episodes!

Yesterday, oddbanana, I received G.I. Joe: Resolute.

Seeing as I've been getting into G.I. Joe more and more (how vexing), I thought I'd watch this 'mature' take on it (and when I did, I was amazed by it).

What sold it to me more than anything was Cobra Commander and his methods of motivating the troops.


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