Monday, July 12, 2010

Nemmy's got another black Prime repaint!

I was going to post this up Saturday, but some bad shit happened that day and the only thing that took my mind off it was the latest patch release for Umineko (which I completed this morning).

Monday last week, dvdexclusivemusthaves, I received Pole Position Collectors Edition.

I watched this show quite a bit as a kid, so when I saw listed cheap on DVD, I snapped it up (simple as that really).

Wednesday, and shoe-chadead, I received...
  • Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime Black Ver.
  • G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Specialist Trakker
  • Revenge of the Fallen Two-Disc Special Edition
  • Revenge of the Fallen EZ Collection Stealth Bumblebee
This black Prime is one I've wanted since I got Buster Prime, but never bought until now.

I got it directly from as it going for about £40 (not including shipping), and yeah it got stung by customs, but it didn't annoy me as much because the courier was DHL and not Parcelfarce, so I wasn't screwed over with extortionate fees!

Once I got the black Prime, I just had to combine him with Jetfire (yes, I know I've mistransformed it, but it was intentional!) so I can have Jetpower Optimus Prime in 'uniform' colours on my shelf.


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