Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sometimes it's good to be a cheapskate

Since my last post here I've finished the partial patch for Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru Episode 8: Twilight of the Golden Witch, successfully added (after much customisation) a related posts widget to both this blog and The Nerdsphere's blog, and listened to the Shut Up and Watch This! commentary for Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (I learned a few things about that film that I never knew before).

I also got a fair amount of arrivals during the week too.

Tuesday (last week),, I received Code Geass Complete Season.

Code Geass was a series I came across mostly by word of mouth (I forget the exact details of how and where I discovered it) a few years ago. At the time I likened it to as Death Note with robots, and in some ways that impression still stands.

I had been tempted many a time to get the previous box set releases for this series, but the cost of them coupled with the fact it'd no doubt appear on the Anime Legends label at some point resulted in me waiting until now to finally have it on DVD.

Wednesday (last week), TFsource, I received...
  • Timelines Dion
  • Kup 02 Head Kit
Dion, the IRN-BRU coloured turd. I heard the Universe Classics Hot Shot mould had some problems, but damn, this shit is bad. The Mini-con, Cop-Tur, is a worthless piece of shit that can't even stand in robot mode unless you hunch it over. And Dion himself has one of the worst cases of kibble around the shoulders I've ever seen.

There's not a lot said about the Kup heads. They're the same as before, but painted to match the e-Hobby United Kup.

Thursday, theentertainertoyshop, I received Hunt for the Decepticons Starscream.

I happened to see Starscream listed at a reduced price of £25 and decided that was a good price for him.

After opening him (and injuring my finger cutting the bloody twist ties) I soon proceeded to transform him for the first time without using the instructions, and by doing so I think I have a greater appreciation for this toy. If you were to get only one movie iteration of movie Starscream, this is the one to go for in my honest opinion.

Friday, kerrisontoys, I received...
  • Power Core Combiners Bombshock + Combaticons
  • Power Core Combiners Crankcase + Destrons
I never really took that much notice at the Power Core Combiners until I saw all the attention they were generating on Twitter recently. I chanced upon an auction that was selling two of the 5-packs (using pictures of Skyburst and Stakeout that didn't match the description) for under £19 including shipping and thought why not.

Crankcase was the first to be opened and left me with a positive impression of the drone gimmick. Bombshock on the other hand has a few issues like the drones not wanting to stay attached and falling over a lot which does annoy me.


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