Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cyclonus does his best Hot Rod impersonation

I've had quite the week this week. I finally finished ef - a fairy tale of the two (Bad Ends included), got round to starting Remember11, did some minor changes to the blog, and also joined the Twitter craze.

Speaking of Twitter, I have configured my FeedBurner so posts made on my blog (and also those on The Nerdsphere Network where I serve as 'Webmaster') will appear as Tweets automatically for easy following via my account (provided you're following me cos I've set it to private).

Now onto this week's purchase...

Thursday, yawara, I received Timelines Shattered Glass Cyclonus.

Regardless of my opinion on the club, I do like this exclusive (even it does look fucking ugly to the rest of you).

Again, I have already given my views on this Cyclonus mould numerous times before. The only thing left to comment on is the colour scheme, and honestly, I think he looks rather nice in his Hot Rod-esque paint job (I just wish the red was done in a darker shade).


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