Monday, December 06, 2010

1995 has been knocking on my door once again

I delayed posting this cos the main item I was expecting didn't actually arrive until today.

Monday (last week),, I received Toy Story 3.

The third movie of Toy Story, and also what ultimately led me into buying the following item...

Monday (today), The Entertainer, I received Toy Story Collection Buzz Lightyear.

The item of the week (even though it was late arriving) from a nostalgia standpoint is this, and getting it with 20% off was a nice bonus.

Back when the first Toy Story movie originally came out, I remember the hunt I had in trying to get the Buzz Lightyear toy from various Disney Stores and finally succeeding in acquiring one in Croydon.

Fast forward nearly 16 years and I now have a much improved Buzz with a greater range of poseablty and wings that are closer to those seen in the movie. The helmet still doesn't retract completely, but that's a gripe that would be almost impossible to implement I think.


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