Monday, August 30, 2010

Truly a week Nemmy would like to forget

I'd honestly like to forget most of this past week...

For starters, my PC for some reason or another is now giving me 'NTLDR is missing' errors on each and every attempt to boot the bastard, and I'd be in a much worse standing if I weren't able to borrow my friend's old PC (you have no idea how grateful I was for that) and burn a (boot) disc as a temporary fix until I get the problem sorted.

On a more brighter note (if you can call it that in spite of everything else), I did manage to complete Sekien no Inganock (another VN that's been on my back burner list).

Tuesday, masabon2006, I received Animated Optimus Prime Black Ver.

Now here's something else I'd like to (partially) forget...

This lovely looking black repaint got stung by HMRC. Delayed in its delivery by almost a week thanks to Parcelfarce's procedures. And as icing to a well burnt cake, the little tab on the inside of the grill which locks that (annoying) rotating transformation gimmick goes and sodding breaks on me!

I might be able to fix it somehow, but it's not looking good at present.

Thursday, ehobbybase, I received Animated Prowl Elite Guard Ver. and Tokyo Toy Show 2010 Dreadwing & Smokescreen.

Prowl is just Prowl, still somewhat loose as buggery only with a new lick of paint. The G1-esque colour scheme does look rather nice in person, but I think his original colour scheme suited him better.

Dreadwing & Smokescreen, what can I say about them?

Well, I had little interest in these RotF moulds until I saw them as this homage to a pair of G2 toys I own in their Robots in Disguise and Robot Masters incarnations. Yeah, I must admit the combined mode of these two is rather shit compared to their G2 predecessors, but the G2 colour scheme works on them (and that's good enough for me).

Friday, hongkongtoysshop2010, I received Universe Classics Challenge at Cybertron.

I could sum this set up simply by saying Cyclonus is good, Rodimus is meh and Galvatron can go die in a fire, but I won't cos I have other gripes with them.

Cyclonus is easily the gem of this set and is as good now as he was when I first got him, only with a much nicer looking colour scheme.

However, he loses points by my having to force the nose-cone to extend with vice clip thingy because it was jammed right in (to the point of leaving nasty 'teeth' marks).

Rodimus I wanted cos his prices on the secondary market are insane (I guess FanProject's Protector has some blame for that), and there's no way in hell I'm opening my MOSC Henkei Hot Rodimus (I do have the original Classics release, but he came to me with no paint on his face).

This repaint of him however is cack and sloppy. Part of the yellow paint on the spoiler is now stuck to the (horrible Allspark blue painted) windscreen, he has an excess of silver paint where the chest folds down, and that red they used is far too bright and needed to be darker.

Galvatron is still the same floppy piece of shit that crumbles apart if you so much as look at him, except a hell of a lot worse than my original. There's nothing at all to like about this guy, he's just that fucking awful a toy (Galvatron deserved better than this).


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