Saturday, October 23, 2010

This bad boy deserves the name Grand Liner!

Fewer items came this week, but I can say it allowed me to make steady progress with Chapter 5 of ef - a fairy tale of the two.

Thursday, phat-badger, I firstly received Deluxe Supertrain Megazord.

I finally got the one Megazord from Lightspeed Rescue (a.k.a. GoGoFive on the Sentai side of things) I ultimately wanted (that isn't a black repaint), even more so after a certain someone (he knows who he is) got theirs for free!

The only gripes I have with mine is it doesn't have the antennae for Rail Rescue 1 and Rail Rescue 2, one or two missing stickers, and one of the clips on the detachable front piece of Rail Rescue 1 is broken (but it still attaches securely enough).

Apart from that, I'm very impressed with this Megazord. The Rail Rescues when coupled together as trains are roughly twice the length of Fortress Maximus' Battleship mode (which makes Travelion cry), and when formed as the Megazord they're around the same height as King J-Der (which makes Travelion cry yet again).

Thursday, lbh1876, I secondly received Revenge of the Fallen Mudflap.

Unlike his greener twin, I'm not so keen on Mudflap as his kibble gets in the way in robot mode, and he doesn't really lock together too well.

To put it more simply: Skids superior, Mudflap inferior!


Time Lord said...

Glad to see you've finally got your Supertrain Megazord. And it looks like it's in better condition than mine. Good one!

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