Monday, August 02, 2010

There is no enjoyment to be found even in having these arrivals

How should I feel about this last week: pleased? depressed? stressed?

I seriously don't know an answer to that, nor do I desire an answer, but I do know that my completing Muv-Luv Unlimited (loved it, but after viewing Meiya's ending; the rest of them kinda bored me cos they were so fucking repetitive!) and playing through Moero Downhill Night 2 (which I'm liking more than the original thus far) helped take my mind of that shit for awhile.

Tuesday, SMALLJOES.COM, I received...
  • G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Commander (M.A.S.S. Device)
  • G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Cobra Commander (Hooded)
Not a lot can said about these two figures other than I hate their bloody stiff elbow joints (I shouldn't feel like I'm gonna break the ruddy thing just by moving the sodding limbs)!

Thursday, hongkongtoysshop2010, I received S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider Decade Violent Emotion.

Basically, this is just the original S.H.Figuarts Decade with two new heads, and a 'Fury Form' (sorry, but that just sounds better than calling it Violent Emotion) one at that (I stuck the other head on my first Decade figure cos it looks that much better).

Friday, Frankie (a.k.a. toyspark), I received G1 Commemorative Decepticon Piranacon.

Compared to the original Piranacon I own, this new release is nowhere near as good quality wise (even my God Neptune has a better sense of quality about it, and that bugger isn't exactly fault free).

For the price he isn't too bad I suppose, but it just aggravates me when parts don't stay connected properly (like Tentakil, the silly bastard who hates being a leg and tries to escape every time I lift-up Piranacon).


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