Sunday, May 02, 2010

Doing this in bulk can be a drag

Prepare to be shocked (man, that felt incredibly lame), for Nemmy has finally got some new toys in addition to the increasing slew of DVDs he's been getting!

Like before, this'll be a review of the week's purchases in a single post (the main reason for this is cos I got distracted with VNs such as Wind, Muv-Luv and the just released KIRA☆KIRA Curtain Call).

Entry number one is the Outlaw Complete Collection I got from spun_cds_dvds on Monday.

Like I said when I got the Cowboy Bebop movie, this was one of the real highlights on CNX for me.

In actual fact I preferred Outlaw Star over Cowboy Bebop at that time, don't know if that still holds true now though (it has been a long time since I last watched them).

Entry number two arrived on Thursday from Kapow Toys, supermart_usa and all your music.
  • WST Robots Communication Liaison
  • KM-01 Knight Morpher Commander
  • WST Robots Military Operations Commander
  • Lucky Star Complete Collection
  • Lucky Star OVA
Lucky Star I got simply because its Lucky Star, and seeing as it was available for a rather decent price helped in my decision (although the lack of an English dub on the OVA is kinda strange when the series itself had one).

The WST Blaster and Shockwave (it's easier to call them that) are nice toys for their size, but I fear they're a tad too fragile for repeated transforming.

Hell, I almost broke one of Blaster's handle pieces because the damn black bit wouldn't slide over as it should (that piece now has a bloody stress mark on it!).

As for the Knight Morpher Commander (a.k.a. Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime), I'd say its a bloody impressive piece of work.

My only real concern with it however are the arms. Seriously, the sounds I heard from those joints really scared the shit out of me (no toy should ever make a sound like that!).

Entry number three came from on Friday.

If this looks familiar, then you'd be correct as this is simply the 2-Disc Collection's Edition of the Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone DVD I received last week.

I didn't even know there was bloody two disc version out there until AFTER I damn well bought the fucking single disc release (I'll be sure not to repeat this mistake again).

Entry number four which I received yesterday from supermartusa was the Kite and Mezzo Forte double-disc set.

This is the uncut release, so you probably know what that entails. If not, you might actually be better off not knowing...


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