Saturday, October 01, 2011

The GoBot, The Bootleg and The Chaos Bringer

You may have noticed a few of the changes I've made to this blog (and to The Nerdsphere as well) in the last few weeks like the implemented jump break that can be seen in this very post (I'm planning on using this quite a bit from on), the new numbered page navigation, the use of LinkWithin for related posts (it gives more varied results than the previous method did) and the switching to for posting updates to both Twitter and Facebook (which saves me from needing to use Twitterfeed and RSS Graffiti to achieve the same result).

These changes should make the blog both easier to browse (especially if you're viewing this on a mobile as I've now enabled the template for it, but it currently lacks the options to customise it to my liking) and less problematic to maintain on the social networking front.

Other than that, I've played and completed Rin ga Utau, Mirai no Neiro and I'm currently working my way through Go! Go! Nippon! (which reuses BGM tracks and background images from Edelweiss and Kira☆Kira to a rather shocking degree). And I also have the fully translated YU-NO to play when I find the time (it might be a rather old game, but I've heard good things about it).

Wednesday (September 21st), Toys R Us, I received...
  • Dark of the Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime
  • Masterpiece Rodimus Prime
  • Reveal the Shield Lugnut

Thursday (September 22nd),, I received 25th Anniversary Unicron.

This is now the third version of this toy that I own (I have the original Armada release and the Energon repaint), but it's the first one to have the remoulded head (I didn't get the Transformers 2010 release as it was too pricey). I was lucky to be able to get mine during one of the later re-stocks of it (I wasn't going to pay the outrageous prices I've seen this thing go for after it sold out).

Monday (September 26th), Hobby Search, I received Dark of the Moon Decepticon Vortex.

Wednesday (September 28th), and @darkageis, I received...
  • Codename: Sailor V Volume 1
  • Gundam 00 Complete Season One
  • Dark of the Moon Space Case
It has been a good few years since I last read the Sailor Moon manga, but when I heard we were getting fancy new re-releases akin to the 'renewal' releases which Japan got in 2003 I was very pleased. And in the case of Codename: Sailor V, this is the first time it's getting an official English release.

My reason for getting Gundam 00 is a simple one, which is that I still haven't watched a single Gundam series in its entirety and thought this would be a ideal starting point. Yeah, I saw a few bits and pieces of episodes from Gundam Wing when Cartoon Network were airing the series, but I never took that much of an interest in it back then (to be honest, I was more interested in watching Dragon Ball Z).

Thursday (September 29th), KOToys, I received CHMS Shattered Glass Rodimus.

I bought this bootleg cos I fancied having another Shattered Glass Rodimus without jumping through hoops and paying out a small fortune and this seemed like the ideal solution, that was until I actually received the thing in-hand.

As soon as I opened it I found that the black missile had been jammed into the plastic tray and snapped the piece that slots into gun (great start, huh?), it did come with a red missile (which was rattling around freely inside) as well but that's besides the point!

The toy itself isn't that much better as the spoiler backpack piece cannot sit flush against the windscreen, his arms cannot bend at the elbow cos they didn't mould the necessary curve to allow them to do so, and the tab to keep his chest in place is bloody useless (and these are just a few of the issues I encountered when transforming it into robot mode!).

I know I might be expecting a bit too much from a bootleg, but I do feel this could have done better. Even so, I'll most likely get their bootleg of Wildrider for display purposes (the genuine one I do have is currently MOSC and will be staying that way).

Friday (September 30th), yep_roc, I received GoBots Loco.

I didn't think I'd find myself buying another GoBot after Puzzler, but I guess I'm still rather fond of trains even after all these years and seeing this guy on eBay for as little as £7.70 (including shipping) tempted me into getting him.

I'm actually quite impressed with it considering this is a toy that's a few years older than me. He's small, but packs a lot of painted detail. The only thing that worries me though is the arms, the left one in particular feels like it's hanging on by a thread and could be easily yanked off if I'm not careful.


kingrpg said...

Yeah, Transformers old ver. is the best of all models

Jake@Ultimate Optimus Prime said...

Good post, I really like the look of that 25st anniversary one you provided the picture of, the attention to detail on these figures is really something!

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