Friday, October 09, 2009

After five years I finally have them all!

Just a day after getting Universe Classics Nemesis Prime from Niche Gift Shop, I now have Universe Classics Sunstreaker.

And I also got another item from jonathondarque, that being the last member of the TFCC gestalt team, Heatwave.

I've been collecting the figures to build the infamously named Nexus Maximus (or is it Nexus Prime now?) for the last five years without once joining that shitty farce of a club who charges far too much for their international membership!

Now isn't that a thing of beauty?

Well, he may have originally been named after a double-ended dildo, but at least ol' Nexxy Maxi Prime here got better treatment than his brethren in the 'not having any repeated moulds' department.


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