Saturday, January 23, 2010

We need Constructicon power now!

Damn, this is like the third day in-a-row I'd had new toys now.

Firstly, I got two parcels from xpwongagex and Kapow Toys (via Amazon).

Those contained a MMPR 2010 Yellow Ranger and an Animated Swoop (Nemmy is really liking his Animated lately, huh?).

And they weren't the only things I got today...

Because I also got the Revenge of the Fallen (Legends Class) Constructicon Devastator from the new Argos catalogue.

For Legends sized toys, these are amazing simply for doing what their larger brethren fail to do!

Hell, I was impressed with Devastator enough to include him in the photo I took of my now complete team of MMPR 2010 Rangers.


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