Saturday, November 21, 2009

A tiny Green Ranger is fine too!

While I'm taking a quick break from playing VNs and the various new anime series I'm catching up on, I thought I'd give my opinion on this item I received from klotzy101 today.

As you can see from the picture I've got my first sampling of the new MMPR revival for 2010 (although I'm still kinda pissed that we won't be getting an adaptation of Shinkenger). And what can be better than starting with a figure of the ever popular Green Ranger?

Well, the first thing I've got say about it is a big damn you to the postman for trying (and of course failing) to shove it through the bleeding letterbox!!!

But putting my rage on that issue aside, let's return to the figure.

One thing you'll immediately notice about the new MMPR figures is their size, which is now comparable to that of a Microman. So yeah, they do look really tiny when displayed with my Power Rangers figures of yesteryear (including the Super Legends I've been getting).

I won't say that's necessarily a bad thing, but it does seem like an odd thing to do after all this time (especially when they spent money to give the Rangers these DinoFlyer and claw thingys for accessories).

And the DinoFlyer when used as wings on the Green Ranger gives off a Kamen Rider Odin (or Kamen Rider Wrath for those of you watching Dragon Knight) with Goldphoenix vibe, and it matches pretty well the shield I think.


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