Thursday, October 15, 2009

I feel like I'm getting far too many repaints lately

I'll probably get called mad for buying this, but I can deal with that because I know I got it solely for the mould and not the funky colour scheme.

Anyway, today I received Animated Roadbuster Ultra Magnus from Home & Gift.

It doesn't actually look that bad in person. My main gripe with it would be the QC issues.

He can't hold the Magnus Hammer (Stormbringer) with his right arm very well as the shoulder ratchet joint gives way just from the weight of it (hell, even without the hammer it still likes to droop on its own), and it feels a lot looser overall than the original I got last year.

So yeah, I'm slightly pissed about the faults, but at least I got him at a reduced price!


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