Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Was this movie a Sprial Paradox or a Paradox Sprial?

I finally made some time to watch the fifth Kara no Kyoukai movie, and I'm still trying to figure out what was going on for the most part.

Hell, these movies are confusing enough for me already with each chapter taking place at different points in the chronological timeline without adding weird shit like that.

I'd call it pure mindfuck, but there's probably a method to Nasu's writing madness I'm not seeing.

Leaving complex details aside, I was able to thoroughly enjoy watching this movie. It had plenty of screentime for Shiki Ryougi to showcase her Mystic Eyes of Death Perception; while wielding a sword no less.

I liked watching Souren Araya, as he had that vibe of likeableness about him that's comparable to what you get from Kirei Kotomine, which is probably thanks to Jouji Nakata being the seiyuu for both these characters.

Cornelius Alba was a hateful nutjob with a inferiority complex that made me picture Urataros every time he spoke.

Nevertheless, I'm now looking forward to movie 6 so I can see just how similar Azaka Kokutou is to Tsukihime's Akiha Tohno.


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