Thursday, February 05, 2009

A fresh twist on the usual milking of Yoko

Why can't we get cool movie exclusives like these? Seriously, it'd encourage me to see more films at the cinema than just waiting for the inevitable home release.

But that's enough about that, cos we're here for this sweet looking variation of Revoltech Fraulein Yoko who isn't afraid to let her hair down.

Obtaining her is going to be a pain, as she'll only be available with advanced ticket sales for the Gurren Lagann: Face Chapter movie (due for release on April 25th) via Animate.

There are of course options of importing her through a proxy, but our lousy exchange rates will drive the overall price up (much to my never-ending annoyance).

UPDATE 17/02/2009 - Trust me to not notice this simple fact sooner.

After checking the Fraulein section of Kaiyodo's Revol
tech website, I now know there'll be two versions of this Movie Ver. Yoko. The exclusive Animate one I mentioned above, and another for the mass market without Boota lodged in her cleavage.


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