Friday, February 06, 2009

You've grown a lot since last week, Ushio

There isn't a lot I can say about episode 17 of CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~.

They kept Tomoya's five years of angst filled depression down to a minimum. And although it's accurate to the VN, I'd have liked to have seen more coverage of it.

Nevertheless, this episode did have one enjoyable factor to it, and that was Ushio.

She looks more like Nagisa here than she did in the VN, which is a nice touch I think. Her voice did take some getting used to when I first heard it, but I couldn't picture her without it now.

The episode finished with Tomoya and Ushio going on their trip. A trip that will greatly affect their current estranged relationship before the return trip home, and gives us the viewers one of the all-time memorable scenes from the VN.


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