Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting teased with photos of Saber Lily

Several painted prototype photos of GSC's upcoming 1/7 scale Saber Lily figure can be seen on Mikatan's blog.

Although Saber is one of my favourite characters. I'll have to admit that the backstory behind this Saber Lily incarnation of her is quite the mystery to me. Hell, it took me long enough just to get the ins and outs of Saber Alter.

All I know is that she made her debut in the Capcom developed video game, Fate/unlimited codes, where she was also released as a special bonus tie-in figma to help increase sales for the PS2 version of the game.

Pre-ordering information for this lovely looking figure should (hopefully) be appearing in the next few days. So the only thing left for me to say is... ME WANTS IT NAO!

UPDATE 23/01/2009 - Good Smile Company have added a product page for Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~ to their website. The price tag is a tad steep though at 9,800 Yen.


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