Monday, February 07, 2011

Trackers and Old Timers

Another quiet week in regards to arrivals, but I did manage to finish Quartett! (with added voice patch) in about two days (it was a short VN).

I also got to see the finale to HeartCatch PreCure, which is now the fourth PreCure series I've seen to completion.

Thursday, All The Cool Stuff, I received Generations Scourge and Generations Sergeant Kup.

Getting a Scourge that wasn't a underwhelming Titanium or an overpriced remould of Galaxy Force Noisemaze (not that I'd say no to owning either him or the Sweeps though) is a welcome addition to the collection.

His vehicle mode does look rather kinda silly, but being able to pop his head up as seen in the '86 movie is a neat little feature. The robot mode is lovely, but those wings do make him kinda back heavy. I think the only thing that could have made this guy even better is a proper Fracas Targetmaster.

Kup is also a nice toy, but that chest transformation scares me (I fear too much force here will cause breakage), and his elbow are awkward cos you can't bend it while holding the gun (using the higher swivel joint doesn't count).


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