Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The expense on this K-Touch was too high!

I'll start this post by saying that there'll be a bit of rage filled anger which will be expressed with a fair amount of swearing. So please deal with it!

Now why am I so pissed? Well, it'd be because of this DX K-Touch I got from spike-y7685.

You might be thinking it's because I dislike the item, and that would be incorrect as I'm happy that I've got the lovely K-Touch.

What I'm not happy about though is that a certain bunch of money grabbing cunts (HMRC) took my parcel and stung me £10.01 in VAT fees.

But that wasn't the most annoying part, as I later found out that the parcel had been overvalued by about ¥4000 which left me little choice but to pay double the amount of its actual retail price in bloody VAT!

And to add further insult to injury, Parcelfarce then added their fucking retarded £13.50 excuse called a clearance fee on top of that!

Please tell me why the fuck I'm paying them bastards express parcel fees on a item that took longer to get from the money grabbing cunts to me than its initial trip from Japan to this shitty country?! Just where's the fucking logic in that!!!


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