Monday, June 08, 2009

That's four episodes of Umineko completed

Now isn't this funny? I downloaded that new patch for Umineko yesterday, and I finish the remainder of Episode 4 in just over a day (it should have lasted me longer dammit!).

But then again, it does make up for that 'shortness' by having some epic confrontations.

Hell, they were so bleeding epic that I couldn't stop reading when I got to them! Does that give you enough of a hint at how much I liked Episode 4 of Umineko?

If it doesn't, then that's your loss really, as I don't feel like listing out my favourite moments.

And now that I've finished Alliance of the Golden Witch quicker than expected, the wait for Episode 5 to come out and then be translated is going to be rather annoying.

Ah well, at least I can kill some of the waiting time for the next Episode by watching the upcoming anime adaptation.


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