Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I got my Death Note DVDs Just as Planned!

I actually got these DVDs from on Monday, but I've been feeling stressed lately because I'm still having connection problems with the ever wonderful AoHell.

I wish they'd just admit its their fault instead of blaming it on lines, cables, filters, or the sodding weather each and every time I call them up about it! If their broadband service is so fucking faultless, how come I have to use my old Sega Dreamcast's internet capabilities to get it back on most of the time? I bet they can't answer that question with one of their bullshit excuses!

And now that I've had a rant on that, its back to those DVDs.

The first DVD is the fifth and final volume of Death Note. I took a photo of it with the other four volumes so I could show that I've got them all.

The other is the Complete Season Two of Beast Machines. I did also order the Complete Season One when I ordered this set, but are taking their sweet time in sending it to me.


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