Friday, March 13, 2009

You can't be mad at this happy ending

We're finally here at the end of CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ (well, the main story of it anyway). I know one thing, I never thought I'd be done with this on Friday the 13th of all days.

The revelation of the girl and the robot was handled nicely and tied into the miracle event almost perfectly. I can hardly find fault with the work of KyoAni on this particular part of the VN.

If anything I'd say they improved on the original ending by showing how the other characters are getting on with their lives instead of just Tomoya, Nagisa and Ushio.
  • Kyou is still a kindergarten teacher with her pet Botan.
  • Ryou got her dream job as a nurse.
  • Kotomi is off travelling the world.
  • Sunohara learning to drive with difficulty.
  • Mei matured well over the last five years.
  • Tomoyo doing what Tomoyo does best.
  • Yoshino truly enjoying his music.
  • Akio and Sanae living life as usual.
  • Yukine and the gang are still hanging out in that bar.
  • Nishina and Sugisaka leading their cosy little life together.
  • Misae and Shima continue to look after the dorm.
  • Koumura lives out his well deserved retirement.
And lastly we see the epilogue with Fuko and Kouko walking around, having fun and sniffing out a special someone in the forest near the hospital.

Even though there are still two episodes remaining. I feel sad that this anime is ending because it has been a real highlight of my viewing for the last couple of years.


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