Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wave show their love for Kyou too

I kinda knew in advance that Aoshima were doing a figure of Kyou as I saw it in the prototype stage.

But today after browsing Ami Ami for new items as I do quite regularly. I found another figure listing for Kyou Fujibayashi. Only difference this time is that the company behind it are Wave.

She isn't due out until August. But I'm already set in wanting to order this one more than the Aoshima one.

I'm glad Kyou is getting new figures by various companies, as she was a favourite of mine in the VN and the anime.

But after Kyou there is another CLANNAD character I'd like new figures of, and that's Tomoyo Sakagami.

And my reason for that? Well, she is the main character I've used as my signature and avatar on nearly every forum I'm a member of barring the


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