Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Humans and Curses are fearful enemies in Higurashi

I marked the beginning, and this now marks the end of my playthrough of Onikakushi-hen.

This was my first proper look into Higurashi as I've never watched any of its anime adaptations. But I can say after playing this arc that Rena Ryuuguu is probably one of the most creepy characters I've ever come across.

Just seeing that glazed over look of her eyes coupled with the eerie music is enough send you shivers!

It all started so well with the hijinks of club meetings and penalty games. You couldn't imagine that everything would crumble so easily once the dark secrets of Hinamizawa begin to trickle out and cause a steady flow of suspicion and paranoia to build in Keiichi towards his friends.

The creepiness level to me was surprisingly higher here than it was in the first Episode of Umineko. God only knows what Watanagashi-hen will be like once I to get to play the translation patch for that arc.

And aside from all the creepy things, there were a lot of funny things to be found too. From the early parts of the main story to the mini-games and out-takes in the omake section, this VN is sure to have something that'll make you laugh.


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