Friday, January 23, 2009

Kamen Rider Kiva continues to Break the Chain?

Kamen Rider Kiva is now over for me thanks to TV-Nihon's fansubbing of this fine series.

It wasn't perfect, and it did have some major plot flaws. But it was still a great show to watch for the past year. If only for the sheer brilliance of Otoya Kurenai.

I also think what really set Kiva apart from other Kamen Rider series I've seen was the ending.
  • Taiga somehow managed to botch killing Maya with his Jacorder.
  • Nago magically got his eyesight back and married Megumi?!
  • Wataru got an unexpected visit from his future son, Masao Kurenai.
  • And a new Fangire threat from the future appeared out of nowhere.
Who'd have thunk it?


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