Saturday, August 06, 2011

Nemmy is back with a backlog of arrivals!

It has been awhile since I last posted anything on this blog, and the reason for that was mostly a combination of laziness and getting distracted by other things like playing Koihime Musou (which I finally finished), Imouto Ijime (short, but fun) and Yukkuri Panic: Escalation (how the fuck do I get that last scenario unlocked on the 'Qix' based game? I completed the main story mode already!).

Other than that, I've been getting used to TheTF.Net's new forum (the old forum has now been locked and archived) that went live to the masses last week. It's a bit of a bummer having to start over from scratch again, but there is fun to had in doing that I think.

Oh, and I'm now on Google+ too (thanks to Fudgecrumpet sending me an invite).

Monday (three weeks ago),, I received Claymore The Complete Series.

Thursday (three weeks ago), Argos (Lewes), I received Dark of the Moon Sentinel Prime.

Tuesday (two weeks ago), 276470, I received Dark of the Moon Shockwave.

Friday (two weeks ago), gzoop, I received Death Note Complete Series.

Friday (last week), Toyz And Gamez, I received Dark of the Moon Jetwing Optimus Prime

Friday, TFsource and figure_house, I received...
  • Casuality Thundershred
  • S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Birth

Saturday, Yokatta Shopping Service, I received S.H.Figuarts Masked Rider Faiz Axel Form.

This is all I'm posting here for now, but I'll be further editing this post with better descriptions for the above items later.


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