Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting down with a Brake and Lock

Another delivery from Kapow Toys has arrived.

It contained Revenge of the Fallen Brakedown and Lockdown.

My first impression upon seeing Brakedown in his packaging was "man, this guy is small". I knew Scouts were small, but he feels somewhat smaller than other Scout Class toys I own.

Despite his small size, Brakedown has an interesting and fun transformation. I'm not too keen on his foot design though.

Lockdown on the other-hand is pure badass.

His robot mode looks just as cool as he did in Animated. The car mode really reminds me of the vehicles you get in Carmageddon. His transformation can be a little fiddly when the arms pop off.

Oh, and the rear bumper that becomes his arse can get in the way of posing his right leg.


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