Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hitting deluxe pay dirt in the ASDA sale

Thanks to a massive stroke of luck, I was able to obtain Universe Classics Ironhide, Sideswipe, Silversteak, Galvatron and Acid Strom from ASDA on the very last day of their sale.

Yeah, I know already got Ironhide and Galvatron not too long ago. But they were going for £6 a piece instead of the usual £13, so I thought it was worth having doubles.

And now for my thoughts on the three toys that are new to me. Two of which were given to me as presents for Easter.

Acid Storm is better looking now I actually have it. The colour scheme still reminds me of Robot Masters Wing Stun. And it should be said that this guy has tighter joints than most of my other Classics Seekers.

Sideswipe is alright, but a little fiddly to transform. But now that I have him, I'm feeling kinda interested in having a Universe Classics Sunstreaker to pair him with.

Silverstreak is probably my favourite of the three. Although trying to transform the doors without them popping off can be a tad annoying. And his head does look weird on that giant block for a neck.


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