Sunday, February 22, 2009

Signposts can be scary if you disobey them

I've heard the horror stories about MangaGamer's translation of Edelweiss, and after I've been playing it for myself I'd agree with them. It was quite a shock to see this amount of grammatical errors and typos in a professionally released product (I'm just glad they'd improved slightly by the time Da Capo came out).

Thankfully though, I was still able to understand and enjoy this hilarious VN despite the fact they left huge chunks of spoken dialogue out of the translated script. It's a good job I can recognise the odd Japanese phrase here and there when I hear it.

Anyway, I'm not saying anything on the finer details of the story because that'd spoil the fun. The characters here are lively and funny in a Sunohara sense, especially the boys. Although it does head down the road of melancholy once you begin the individual character routes.

And after I'm done with this VN, I'll be waiting for Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia to get translated for the added Sakura and Rin routes.


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